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Undergraduate and Transfer Students

We want you here.

Ready to do things you've never done before, think things you've never thought before, and go places you've never gone before? Ready to make new friends, join a community, and have an experience that will change your life? Then you're ready to apply to Worth University of American.

We try to keep the admissions process as hassle-free as possible, but if you apply early and ask lots of questions, you can make it even easier:

*   Check our admission requirements to be sure you're taking all the classes you need to make yourself competitive.

*   Use our application checklist to keep track of school codes, test dates, and all the other paperwork and deadlines.

*   Contact a WUA admissions counselor. The more you get to know us and we get to know you, the more help we can be.

*   At anytime, feel free to request more program information.


Program List

Undergraduate Programs

school of architecture

Architecture (5-year Master's Degree)
Digital Media Studies

college of business administration

5-Year BSBA/MBA Program 

Business Administration
Concentrations in:
- Finance
- International Business
- Management
- Marketing
Business Administration (Certification)

school of dentistry

Dental Hygiene
Seven-year BS/DDS Program

college of engineering and science

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Pre-Physician Assistant
Seven-year BS/DDS Program

college of health professions

Health Services
Health Services Administration
Physician Assistant (5-year Master's Degree)

college of liberal arts and education

5-Year Teacher Education Program
Academic Exploration Program (for undeclared majors)
Addiction Studies (and Certificate)
African American Studies (Certificate)
Catholic Studies (Certificate)
Communication Studies
Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice Studies
Elementary Education
Human Services
Language and Cultural Training (Certificate)
Legal Administration
Legal Assistant (Certificate)
Liberal Studies
Performing Arts
Political Science
Pre-Law (Legal Studies Certificate)
  - General
  - Developmental
  - Industrial/Organizational
Religious Studies
Secondary Education
Social Work
Special Education
  - Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered
  - Learning Disabilities
Women's & Gender Studies (Minor)



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